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We Offer the Price Match Guarantee!

Have you found a better price for {{product}} at another store? Don't worry!


The minimum advertised prices are what most stores throughout the country price and sell their products for at the suggestion of the brand themselves.


I believe minimum advertised prices for {{product}} are not overpriced, I would love to get my customers to pay me what the brand thinks that they should.


I simply have found that displaying these prices to consumers who have become more internet savvy and are willing to shop for lower prices, has actually deterred customers from purchasing from me.


So, if you are truly trying to get your best deal on a {{product}} or any brand items that you have seen on this website or anyone elses, please contact us with the items you would like to purchase and we will try extremely hard to earn your business and save you some hard earned money as well.


Please contact our showroom at (704) 540-3716 to ask one of our sales associates questions you may have in regards to {{product}} or any brand products on our site or if you like, you can submit for a quote using the form on this page.

Contact Information
Please supply us with as much information as possible to help in providing you with an accurate quote, list bed size, underbed options, mirrors and furniture pieces you would like package pricing on.